With the special DECIDER app, we enable maximum participation, transparency and commitment. The app works on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones and can be hosted on our secure servers or can also be integrated into your IT infrastructure.


This is where the DECIDER cycle begins, with the "why" of your company and the long-term goals. We help you to develop your mission, vision and governance system and then make these documents available through the app. Whether as text, as audio or as a video starring you as the top act.


All colleagues can contribute their ideas here and apply for active participation in the DECIDER core team or propose other colleagues. All participants in the core team introduce themselves via their own profile.


All relevant data and analyses on the market, competitors and customers are provided here. If desired, we can provide effective tools, for example for a customer benefit analysis, an in-depth employee survey or a megatrend evaluation.


Through a condensation of all ideas, a detailed SWOT analysis and the collection of concrete recommendations for action, a common picture of possible topics that are important and urgent in the current DECIDER cycle is now gradually emerging.


Together with the core team of around 30 people, we are now going into an intense workshop lasting several days in a beautiful location, the DECIDER Retreat. Here, the 8-12 central topics are first defined and then condensed into concrete measures and activities in a tried and tested iterative process. In addition, there is still enough time for networking with each other and for joint social events.


All measures accepted by the company's top management are now transferred to the responsibility of the various divisions and goals are derived from them. The monitoring of the implementation of these goals is then carried out either via integrated Kanban boards or via our digital target houses.


In the following months, the formulated goals will now be implemented. A high degree of transparency ensures the necessary commitment in the achievement of goals. The efficiency and effectiveness of the process is regularly reviewed and it is ensured that all successes are made transparent and are being properly celebrated.
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