If you cannot tick one or more of the following statements, then we should start talking.

Successful companies lead with ambitious goals that are derived from a common purpose and answer the question of social relevance and "why". Smart goals as we understand them are not only of an economic nature but are based on different key variables. In our “6P model”, both strategic and operational goals are formulated along the dimensions of position (market approach), portfolio (innovation performance), productivity (effectiveness of money, knowledge and time), people (employer attractivity), planet (sustainability, ESG) and profitability (economic performance).
One of the most important principles in management is the law of requisite variety formulated by the English cybernetician Ross W. Ashby. Variety is the unit of measurement for complexity and measures the number of possible states that a system can occupy. Accordingly, a complex system can only be successfully designed if the complexity of the control system has at least the same complexity as the system to be controlled itself. The more intelligence of a group of highly diverse people has been injected into the decision-making process, the better the decision itself. That's why the DECIDER approach greatly relies on the collective genius of the organization and uses, for example, special methods of artificial intelligence (AI) to take the ideas of many people into account in the decision-making and decision-taking process.
Many change projects fail not because of a lack of ideas but because of a lack of support for the implementation of the necessary measures. If a strategy is given from above or developed by external consultants, then resistance is inevitable and understandable. However, if goals and measures are being jointly developed through the involvement and active participation of employees and managers, a maximum of consensus and commitment for the consecutive implementation is created all by itself. And since the DECIDER process is a hierarchy-free but not a democratic approach, it is always the top management that takes the final decisions.
Ongoing frustration, emotional quitting from the job and suffering from burnout arises from the fact that employees do not really know why they should get up in the morning and go to work. And in the evening too often they go home without the good feeling of having made a significant contribution to the fulfillment of the company's purpose. With the DECIDER methodology, we want to intervene right here and give all people in the organization the opportunity to actively participate in the formulation and implementation of common goals. With our AI solutions, we can bundle the ideas of thousands of employees and in the DECIDER Retreat we develop very concrete measures and initiatives in a large group of around 30-40 selected key people.

A major challenge for companies in the development and implementation of strategies is consistent process design and integrated data management. Strategic management, project and change management, initiative management and controlling are not linked and data gaps, errors and duplication of work arise. With our DECIDER app, the entire strategy process is controlled, all relevant data is made available at a central location ("single source of truth") and the high level of transparency creates a maximium of commitment in the implementation, in psychology this is also referred to as "nudging".
Top executives in particular often spend 60%-80% of their working time in meetings. Often with limited benefits and mostly focused on operational issues. With the DECIDER approach, we help you as an entrepreneur, board member or managing director to focus on the essentials: to define the mission and vision for the company, to monitor compliance with the most important values and to take only the essential decisions. You only need to select the people for the DECIDER cycle who really have something to say. Then in the DECIDER process we make sure that everything else works (almost) by itself.
Sustainability is not only a megatrend but also a decisive competitive factor in the future. And this does not only mean the ecological dimension, but it also refers to economic and social sustainability. In the DECIDER process, we understand sustainability as a key strategic parameter in addition to aspects such as market position, innovation rate and profitability. As a result, all areas and topics are systematically optimized under sustainability criteria. And last but not least, the attractiveness of the company as an employer is increasingly dependent on whether responsibility for society and the environment is taken seriously.
We would like to be this partner if cooperation makes sense for both sides. We don't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. We call a spade a spade and also address unpleasant taboo topics and these infamous “sacred cows”. We know what we are talking about and also have a large network of very competent and international specialists for very different topics in general management. This means that we can operate globally. And you can rely on us right down to the minute time management in workshops. We always deliver to our promise.
In many companies, we experience that the existing strategy process is getting somehow outdated and a bit "dusty". Nobody really has fun with it anymore and strategy work degenerates more and more into an end in itself, reduced to filling Excel spreadsheets. With the DECIDER method, we offer you a fresh, modern and motivating approach to develop better strategies and implement them much more efficiently. In principle, the methodology always remains the same, but the content changes with every annual DECIDER cycle. In this way, continuity and agility are interlinked in the best possible way.
We are happy to join in 😊. We actually do believe that companies celebrate far too little. And to put it bluntly, we wouldn't be in the mood for projects in which there can't be a good mood despite all the goal orientation and where the "seriousness of the situation" stands in the way of any fun.
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