“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

(Buckminster Fuller)

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Are you currently asking yourself more and more often whether the current form of leadership is still the right one, whether it is still up-to-date?

Do you also wonder whether we have all somehow lost our way with this permanent increase in efficiency, process optimization and profit maximization? And do you also think that just NOW in these turbulent times the moment has come to ask a few fundamental questions to the right leadership and to look for a new, a better model for the design, control and development of organizations?

Albert Einstein once said that you can never solve problems with the same way of thinking and the same methods that created these problems. So if more and more employees quit internally, if managers burn out and profit orientation dominates in the company instead of customer and value orientation, then something is going wrong, right?


So we got together and reflected about what a new management system could look like. A system with which better and more sustainable decisions can be made and that would allow for a seamless and effective implementation. A system with which real motivation and enthusiasm of employees and managers is achieved by creating meaning and common goals. And with which the focus on the truly essential can be sharpened again.

The result of our research is the DECIDER methodology. In an annual cycle, the entire intelligence of the organization is used to systematically eliminate all significant bottlenecks and take advantage of the best opportunities. Step by step, the degree of maturity of the company increases and even the most ambitious goals will be achieved.


  • control
  • make themselves indispensable
  • work in the system
  • use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • sit in meetings
  • trust in the intelligence of external consultants
  • present figures
  • take care of the "what" and the "how"
  • lead input-oriented


  • steer
  • make themselves superfluous
  • work on the system
  • use KPIs (Key Pride Indicators)
  • sit on a bench in the mountains
  • trust in the intelligence of their people
  • tell stories
  • take care of the "why"
  • lead output-oriented

The seven stages in a DECIDER cycle follow a clearly defined sequence and can be easily explained on the basis of the story of a mountain ascent.

In the first phase, you define the purpose and long-term goals of your project. Then it's about choosing the right people with the required skills. Stage three serves the precise analysis and a check of the current framework conditions and requirements. In stage four the existing weaknesses are jointly identified, but also new possibilities are sought. In the design stage, an intensive workshop lasting several days specifically determines the procedure for achieving the goals and determines the route. Then it's time to start and it goes to the concrete implementation of the plan and the necessary measures and projects. And in the seventh and final stage, the whole process efficiency and effectiveness is being reflected and at the end the joint achievements are being properly celebrated.

We propose to accompany you in this process. For every stage in the DECIDER process we can provide very effective tools and with the DECIDER app we ensure the highest level of information, commitment and transparency.


We want to help managers to become a DECIDER themselves and to make better decisions.

For the benefit of employees and managers, for the benefit of companies and for the benefit of our society at large, which is absolutely dependent on sustainable and responsible companies for its continued existence.

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