We work in a large network of experts and can put together the most suitable team for the DECIDER program in your company.

Dr. Gunter Nittbaur

Gunter builds on his experience from more than 450 change projects with organizations of all kinds around the world. After completing his university studies and obtaining his doctorate in strategic management, he joined the Malik Management Center St. Gallen.

In 2008, he founded his own management consultancy and since then has accompanied companies in establishing strategy processes in which the collective intelligence of the organization can be used in the best possible way in the development and implementation of the strategy. In the DECIDER method, Gunter has bundled all his findings and experiences in the areas of strategy, project and change management and transferred these into a consistent process logic. He lives with his family in Constance on Lake Constance and is an avid skier and mountaineer.

Dr. Heiko Eckert

Heiko has researched, taught and held leading positions at various institutes and companies. He worked for eight years as a management consultant and project manager at the Malik Management Center in St. Gallen.

Since 2004, he has been pursuing the idea of making strategic management effective with an online medium. From this idea, the company Eckert Caine was born in 2008.

Today, Heiko Eckert is a member of Bridge Management Technologies GmbH. He is also Managing Partner of the Center for Complex Systems in Weinstadt, Germany.

Mag. Alexander Löwenstein

Alexander Löwenstein has been an organisational developer, executive trainer and coach with passion for 25 years. During this time he has met hundreds of companies and their leaders and supported them in various topics: Working on Mission, Strategy Development and Implementation, Effective Leadership, Team Development, Communication and Collaboration, Leadership Transitions, New Organisational Structures, Mergers and many other topics.

At the core, he is always concerned with shaping leadership and organisations in such a way that the people working there enjoy giving their best.

He has worked with Gunter on many joint syntegrations at the Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen as a facilitator or overall responsible for implementation support, the founding of MESG Management Experts St. Gallen and the further development of the DECIDER.ONE® methodology.

Alex Löwenstein lives with his family in Vienna.

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