The DECIDER methodology works wherever the creativity and commitment of many is needed. And gradually increases the speed, the result orientation and the fun of the thing.

Implementing Strategic Planning 2.0

We do not see strategy work as a top-down driven process but as a participatory and collaborative approach – hence the term “Strategy 2.0”.

After you have defined the long-term goals, we start a new DECIDER cycle every year with the question: “What do we have to do together to achieve our operational goals and create the conditions for the realization of our long-term vision?”

Define and implement annual targets

With the DECIDER, a shorter-term perspective can also be taken.

If the process is initiated, e.g. in the fourth quarter, the key question will be: “How will we achieve our goals together in the coming year?”

Manage the national companies and business units

The approach has proven its worth that the group management of defines the key targets and then transfers responsibility for the operationalization of these goals to the individual national entities or business units: “What do we have to do together to achieve our goals and make the greatest possible contribution to the success of the group?”

Developing and implementing functional strategies

The DECIDER approach can be used not only in the company as a whole, but also in individual business or functional areas.

Sales, HR, IT or the R&D organization or sales can be optimized with the DECIDER. The key question then is, e.g. in sales: “How do we become the preferred solution partner for our customers worldwide?”

Organize a top management conference

If you are planning a large management meeting with the 30, 50 or even 100 top executives of the company, then the DECIDER is ideally suited to structure the preparation, implementation and follow-up of this conference and to offer all participants a real highlight.

Optimizing innovation management

The DECIDER methodology is also ideally suited for the design of innovation processes.

A variety of ideas can be collected, evaluated and condensed. In the DECIDER Retreat, all promising ideas are then processed and a few but essential new innovations for products, services or processes are systematically derived and realized. The key question here could be: “With which innovative solutions will we continue to inspire our markets and our customers in the future?”

Optimize the reorganization

Especially in the present time, many companies are asking themselves the question of the future design of organizational collaboration.

With the DECIDER methodology, many different perspectives can be linked in the company and systematic answers can be found to the question: “How do we have to organize ourselves so that our customers will continue to be the focus of attention in the future and we can work well and effectively together?”

Full focus on sustainability

The continuous improvement of ecological, economic and social sustainability is increasingly becoming one of the most important success factors for companies.

Instead of creating another function with a “Chief Sustainability Offer”, it can make much more sense to use the DECIDER methodology to network representatives from all areas of the company with the question: “How do we become the most sustainable company in our industry?”

Improve collaboration and corporate culture

Also from a corporate cultural perspective, the use of the DECIDER creates great added value. Cultural development happens almost incidentally in every project and influences communication and cooperation in an extremely positive way.

But if there is a need for action here in particular, then the DECIDER can start with the question: “What do we have to do together to become a real team and to achieve our corporate goals with joy and motivation?”

Successfully shaping Merger & Acquisition processes

After the formal “wedding” of two companies, it often takes a very long time for the organizational and cultural merger to take place.

With the DECIDER approach, this process can be massively accelerated by bringing together the top management teams of both companies and answering the question: “How do we become one strong and truly collaborative company as quickly as possible?”

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