How to make your strategy come true?

DECIDER.ONE® program on effective strategy implementation

Online Kick-off October 9, 4:30-6:00pm

DECIDER retreat October 16-18, 2023
Arken Hotel, Göteborg, Sweden

How to engage people, leverage ideas and create strong commitment and a sustainable willingness for change in a dynamic and insecure environment?
Discover the secrets of effective and motivating Strategy implementation
together with Integ Partner and the powerful DECIDER.ONE® program.

Network with 30-40 colleagues from other companies and industries. Bring in your own questions and ideas and develop a set of concrete solutions to resolve your most pressing challenges in the field of strategy execution.

No endless keynotes, no Powerpoint presentations but two intense days of collaboration and co-creation with C-level executives and strategy specialists.

Das DECIDER Programm, läuft über drei Stufen. Sie entscheiden selbst, wie lange Sie dabei bleiben.

Stufe 1
Im online Kick-Off lernen Sie die DECIDER Community kennen. Sie erfahren, wie unsere innovative Methodik funktioniert und können Ihre eigenen Themen in die Diskussion einbringen.
Stufe 2
Im DECIDER Retreat in Wien entwickeln Sie im Team Lösungen für die im Kick-Off definierten Themen.
Stufe 3

In den Monaten nach dem Retreat setzen Sie mit Hilfe der DECIDER Plattform gemeinsame jene Ideen um, die einen echten Unterschied machen. Ideen, für die Ihnen allein die Ressourcen fehlen.

“We do not have a lack of plans and ideas. But we do have a huge deficit in strategy implementation, in getting things done!”

More and more corporations and organizations are facing the growing challenge of effective strategy execution. Big efforts and investments are being made to formulate and disseminate strategies, often supported by external consultants.

But the enduring, demanding and time-consuming process of following up with projects, activities and initiatives is too often neglected. 

Hence the existing bottlenecks persist or proliferate, those great opportunities remain untapped and team morale fades. 

We invite you to join our discovery of robust solutions for effective strategy development and implementation. Our highly intense two-day DECIDER.ONE® workshop will be facilitated by specialists from IntegPartner and will lead to new insights, actionable results, robust network creation and answers to our guiding question:

How does a modern and effective system for strategy development and implementation has to look like to ensure the sustainable viability of our organizations and companies?

The Agenda

Kick-off October 9, 4:30pm Online Meeting

  • Introducing the DECIDER.ONE® method
  • Impulse presentations
  • Generating statements of importance
  • Getting to know the team

DECIDER Retreat October 16-18
Arken Hotel, Göteborg, Sweden

  • Start October 16 at 12:30pm with Lunch
  • End October 18 at 2:00pm after Lunch
  • Impulse presentations on effective strategy realization
  • Joint agenda setting
  • As Is analysis on strategy realization
  • Greenfield visioning on next practice
  • Development of concise action recommendations
  • Preparation of further collaboration

The Package

  • Access to the digital DECIDER platform
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Hotel Accomodation incl. breakfast for 2 nights Oct. 16-18
  • Conference package with lunch and dinner at the hotel
  • Workshop facilities and rental iPad

Participation fee: EUR 1260.- plus VAT

The Registration

Please register online before September 15 2023

The Workshop language is English

DECIDER.ONE is the best method for the collective resolution of essential and complex management problems.

Why is DECIDER.ONE needed?

DECIDER.ONE is the answer to the business challenges of our time. We support executives worldwide in companies and organizations of all types and sizes in making the best decisions and implementing them in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of resources.

We harness the knowledge and creativity of employees and executives to ensure maximum acceptance of even large and difficult changes. We know no better method for this than DECIDER.ONE.


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Eligible for participation are strategy experts as well as C-level executives of large and medium companies and public organizations. The number of seats is limited.

Anna Lundquist
IntegPartner AB 

Tel +41 79 540 9892


Dr. Gunter Nittbaur

Tel +49 (0) 160 9560 1250


MESG Management Experts St. Gallen GmbH
Rosenbergbergstrasse 42b
CH 9000 St. Gallen


Secure your place now!
After your registration we will send you immediately a booking confirmation.
About 3 weeks prior to the kick-off we will give you access to the digital DECIDER platform
and send you all further required information.

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